Thursday, October 25, 2012


Ongoing re-writes, updates and additional material are noted on the LATEST UPDATES page.

The INGRAM SCHOOL is a new school of thought - it provides a refreshingly practical and down to earth new theory of business cycles and how to manage them.


Basically, when finished, it will tell the whole story of Edward's Macro-economic Design from the mathematical standpoint.

Recommended reading at present are the following pages:

For news on progress look up the LATEST UPDATES page.

This Blog needs three versions of the mathematics and a powerful and important summary on this Home Page. The detailed pages are:

MATHS Straight In currently provides an outline of the researches, why they are needed, and how they may create a new era of financial stability. But the real explanation comes from the maths further down the page. 

W J Waghorn's Equations for the calculation of the cost and the total repayment period for a debt whose payments are steadily rising or falling. This equation reduces to the usual Level Payments (annuity) mortgage if the conditions are set for zero escalation rate.

Additional pages are planned to illustrate and show back tests of the new ILS (Ingram Lending and Savings) Mortgage Model and other financial stability issues.

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